This year’s Deputy of the Year award is being presented to Deputy Jeff Smith. Deputy Smith has been an exceptional employee of the Jackson County Sheriff Office since May of 2019. Deputy Smith has had an integral role in the duties that our office conducts on a daily basis.
The Sheriff Office is responsible for serving warrants, subpoenas and civil lawsuits. The Sheriff Office is also responsible for evictions, seizure of property and the disposition of property through Sheriff’s sales. Deputy Smith is tasked with ensuring the Sheriffs sales are conducted according to Oklahoma State Statue.
Although all Deputies serve papers, routinely Deputy Smith is the 1st Deputy to attempt service on most civil papers our office serves. Paper service is a task that you normally won’t see or hear about on your local news or see in your newspapers, unless something goes wrong.
On September 18, 2023 while serving papers at a residence in Altus, Deputy Smith noticed some shingles that looked similar to some that had been reported stolen back in August. Subsequently a search warrant was obtained and as a result it led to the recovery of 58 bundles of shingles that had been reported stolen from Helena Chemical. Deputy Smiths attention to detail and observation ultimately is what attributed to the recovery of the stolen shingles.   
Deputy Smith routinely assists with the initial training of our new Deputies and trains all staff members on our JPX Pepper Gun. Deputy Smith has a wealth of knowledge, experience and is an asset to our office. Deputy Smith serves the citizens of Jackson County and It is with great honor I name Jeff Smith as Jackson County Deputy of the year.