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Commissary & Web Deposits

Each inmate has a commissary account using Prodigy Solutions. Family members may apply money to inmate accounts by depositing funds via online. To apply money to an inmate account or to place an online order for commissary for an inmate, click on the link below:

Funds may be added in person at the jail 24/7. Persons adding funds to an inmate's account may use cash or credit cards using the kiosk in the office lobby.

Commissary Orders must be received by Monday at 5AM CST for Tuesday delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jail Frequently Asked Questions

What are the visitation hours for inmates at the county jail?
All visitation is conducted by video by our vendor, Prodigy. Visits with inmates must be scheduled in advance and must be approved by jail staff. Visit our Jail Visitation page for more information and the steps to schedule a visit.
Can I send mail or packages to an inmate, and if so, what are the guidelines?
Yes, please follow the Mail guidelines. Typically, items for inmates can be purchased through the commissary, newspapers, magazines, polaroid pictures, and more than 3 - 5 photos per letter are not allowed. All mail is scanned.
How do I post bail for someone who is in custody?
To post bail for someone in custody, you can visit the jail or courthouse and follow the bail posting procedures. Alternatively, you can contact a bail bondsman for assistance.
How can I find out if someone is currently incarcerated?
You can find out if someone is currently incarcerated by checking the jail's inmate roster online or by calling the jail directly. We also send information to VINELink which you can use to receive updated information.
What steps should I take if I suspect identity theft?
If you suspect identity theft, contact our Sheriff's Office immediately to report the incident. Additionally, you should inform the relevant financial institutions, credit bureaus, and consider filing a report with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).