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Jackson county law enforcement building

Jackson County Jail

The current Jackson County Jail was finished in July 2002. Our jail houses both male and female inmates and has a capacity to house up to 172 inmates, providing a secure and controlled environment for those entrusted to our care. As the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, we are committed to upholding the law and ensuring the safety of both inmates and the public.

Our jail staff consists of 15 detention officers, a medical team including a full-time LPN, and a physician on call who visits twice weekly. Our kitchen and maintenance supervisors manage trustees in the kitchen and throughout the jail and sheriff's office.

We understand the significance of maintaining connections between inmates and their loved ones. Our jail facilitates video visitation within established guidelines to ensure the safety and security of all parties involved. In addition, we provide various communication options, such as phone calls and mail, to enable ongoing contact between inmates and their families or legal representatives.

able gonzales jail administrator

Abel Gonzales - Jail Administrator

Abel Gonzales began working with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office on August 23, 2017, to fill the vacant Assistant Jail Administrator position.

Abel began his career in Tillman County, Oklahoma, where Sheriff Billy Hanes hired him as a jailer. He was later promoted to Assistant Jail Administrator under Sheriff Bobby Whittington's direction and later appointed as the Jail Administrator for Tillman County. In Total, Abel spent 17 years in Tillman County before accepting employment here at Jackson County.

Former Jackson County Sheriff Roger LeVick promoted Abel to the Jail Administrator's position on July 1, 2020.

Abel is a strong advocate of training for himself and staff members. He has completed numerous hours of instruction for Jail Administration, Jail Standards and is a certified Department of Corrections Correctional Officer.